Work excitement

When work is exciting and you get carried away

Most people feel excitement and joy related to working. When do you feel work excitement?
Do you feel enthusiastic, dedicated and immersed? You have work excitement! You may feel like your sense of time disappears and work runs smoothly. When you are excited, you feel your work is inspiring and meaningful and it makes you proud.

Excitement, joy and climate

Work excitement is the feeling of excitement, joy and motivation related to working. Most people experience it at least every now and then. An optimistic attitude is a resource that is related to work excitement.

Work excitement is supported by resources offered by your work, such as the independence of your work, the challenges of your work tasks, possibilities to influence, support from your colleagues, supportive leadership, feedback from your work, development opportunities and seeing the results of your work.

Share and pass on!

Work excitement may be contagious and passed on from one colleague to another. We can pass on our positive attitudes, excitement and joy of work to our colleagues. The work excitement on a team level is related to our own experiences of work excitement.

Positive and challenging interaction, especially emphasising the success and strength of others, gives you energy.

…or are you a workaholic?

Work excitement is different from workaholism. Work excitement allows you to detach from your work and also enjoy other things in your life. A workaholic, on the other hand, continues working even if they do not enjoy it anymore or everyone else has finished working.

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Work excitement to the work communitytop-5-eng

  1. Maintain a positive attitude also in difficult situations.
  2. Take initiative and be flexible in work-related matters. Take responsibility for your own actions and act constructively.
  3. Encourage your colleagues and help them when needed.
  4. Be considerate and be friendly.
  5. Detach yourself from work on your free time, so that you will be able to cope at work.