Physical activity

Daily exercise is an act for your health

All physical activity is good for your health. You should take care of your condition with regular endurance and strength exercises and reducing daily sitting.

Endurance exercise improves the condition of your respiratory and cardiovascular system. In order to maintain your endurance, the most important thing is to exercise regularly so that you get out of breath.

Maintain your endurance every week with brisk utility exercise for 2 h 30 min or strenuous and sweat-enducing exercise for at least 1 h 15 min per week. It does not matter whether you do utility exercise, such as walking or household or yard work, play a game or go jogging. The most important thing is that you regularly perform exercise that makes you lightly out of breath.

The more strenuous and out-of-breath exercise you do, the better you can maintain and improve your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Exercise has a direct impact on your daily coping, both at work and at home.

Strength exercise and movement management strengthen your support and musculoskeletal system

In addition to endurance exercise, you should do strength exercises and movement management at least twice a week. This may include stretching, home exercises, gym or strength training or break exercise at the workplace.

Regular strength exercise, stretching and muscle care maintain and improve your support and musculoskeletal system. This prevents problems of the support and musculoskeletal system, such as neck, back and shoulder problems.

If your work is burdening for your support and musculoskeletal system, restoring and reviving exercise and stretching are important. You can easily start strength exercise with home exercises or stretching at work.

Sitting is hazardous for your health

Have you observed how much you sit daily in front of the TV or the computer – at the wheel of a car, in meetings, when you travel or are waiting for something to start?

The amount of exercise does not remove the harms of long-term sitting when you are sitting for more than six hours.

Reduce sitting


  1. Use the stairs
  2. Walk or stand when you are on the phone. Have meetings standing up.
  3. Have micro-breaks in between your work, standing and stretching.
  4. Make use of adjustable desks and work standing up when possible.
  5. Watch TV on an exercise bike, stepper or sit on a gym ball.